Compass Plus



Compass Plus develops and implements a comprehensive and integrated range of electronic payment technologies. Financial institutions, including retail banks and payment processors across the globe trust Compass Plus products to power all-scale retail banking and electronic payment systems. With hundreds of successful projects spanning card, account and merchant management, card personalisation, payment processing, terminal driving, self-service channel management and mobile and electronic commerce implemented in record breaking time, Compass Plus ensures our customers make the most of their technology investments.

Products from Compass Plus provide:

  • Comprehensive card issuing and transaction processing solutions
  • Merchant and cardholder management
  • Card personalisation of magnetic stripe and EMV cards (including instant issuance)
  • Flexible delivery channels
  • Adaptive retail banking, mobile and electronic commerce
  • Solution-focused fraud prevention and case management
  • Predictive ATM cash management
  • Local and international clearing and settlement
  • Solutions for retailer and retail banking loyalty programs
  • Library of 40+ interfaces and H2H SDK
  • Unparalleled level of application integration and interoperability
  • Numerous other capabilities

SwitchMaster works on TranzAxis from Compass Plus, a specialist, integrated open application development platform (OADP) created for the development and support of cards and payments, transaction switching, retail banking and other systems and applications in the domain linked to the automation of retail banking activities. It offers the user a full set of application development tools (builders, designers, editors, debuggers etc.), as well as a set of specialist components that may be required in implementing diverse applications in the given domain.

TranzAxis is also a ready-to-use system of application software products, ensuring the platform is not just a sophisticated set of tools but is more accessible and usable by a broader number of financial service providers. TranzAxis includes a basic set of applications (switching, operational, retail, accounting, analytical etc.) available either for direct use by the customer as intended, or for making changes that may be required in the course of application customisation, integration and further development, or better yet, for using them as the basis for the development of derivative or independent applications and systems.

The base features of TranzAxis include the support of the following:

  • Distributed customer service network
  • Multiple and diverse external interfaces
  • Continuous system availability requirements
  • Complete set of development tools, including the ability to modify the applications code
  • Regular version updates (no loss of any user modifications)
  • Non-stop software upgrade
  • Concurrent execution of multiple versions of the same application and configuration set versioning support
  • Automatic production of patches, fixes, service packs etc.
  • Scalability, fault-tolerance (incl. software fault-tolerance)
  • Different operating environments, server platforms, hardware and software configurations

Compass Plus has a diverse customer base which includes retail banks, processing centers, national switches and personalisation centers in dozens of countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America.

Compass Plus employs over 400 highly skilled specialists across the globe with our Global Sales and Marketing Headquarters located in the United Kingdom, Research and Development Headquarters located in Russia (Magnitogorsk) and additional offices in USA, Brazil, Russia (Moscow), Malaysia and Jordan.